Harvest Honey Automatically Without Disturbing Bees

With this brilliant invention by Stuart and Cedar Anderson, a father-and-son beekeeper team in Australia, honey bees around the world can breathe a collective sigh of relief. Their Flow Hive invention allows beekeepers to harvest honey from their hives without disturbing the bees inside.
The clever invention works by providing the bees with a partially-completed wall of honeycomb cells that they then complete with their own wax. After they fill these cells with honey and cap them with wax, the beekeeper can open the other end, allowing the honey to flow out into a tap without ever disturbing the bees. The bees simply reopen the cells and fill them up again.
Honey bees around the world are in trouble from something called colony collapse disorder, and this is highly worrisome because of the honey they produce and the agricultural plants they pollinate. Hopefully, this hive will give weakened hives a much-needed break from intrusive visits from the bee keeper!

1,000-Year-Old Mummy Of Chinese Monk Hidden Inside Ancient Statue

A CT scan of a Buddhist statue from the 11th or 12th century has revealed an extraordinary secret – it houses the mummy of an ancient Chinese Buddhist monk whose organs have been replaced by ancient Chinese scrolls.
Scientists knew that there was a mummy inside the statue, but the CT scan, carried out at the Meander Medical Centre at the request of the Drents museum in the Netherlands, gave them their first close-up look at the skeleton inside. That’s when they discovered the hidden paper scrolls and figured out that the mummy was the body of Liuquan, an ancient Buddhist master from the Chinese Meditation School. The discovery comes on the heels of news of another mummified monk in Mongolia, who some believe is simply in an advanced meditative state.
The statue will be on display at the Hungarian Natural History Museum until May, 2015.

Optical Illusions


Stunning Photos of the sky in Night Around the World

Clear night sky is full of magic and feeling that there are a lot of mysterious undiscovered things happening up there. There’s no such feeling in the world like watching clear sky in the warm summer night. It reminds me of the greatness and incredible beauty of our wonderful planet!

Lost In The Dark (Lake Dumbleyung, Western Australia)

Aurora Borealis

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The Eye Of The Universe (180 Degree Panorama Over Australia)

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School Lunches from Around the World

It’s important that growing children eat healthy, but judging by the appearances of some school lunches out there, it doesn’t seem like schools like to deliver the goods. But with the help of her dad and the Sweetgreen restaurant chain, 12-year-old Scottish schoolgirl Martha Payne released a series of school lunch comparisons from countries around the world on her blog, where she reviews the school lunches she and others eat.
From a US or UK perspective, the school lunches in many other countries seem mouth-wateringly fresh and varied. The lunches from Brazil and South Korea especially stood out for their delicious-looking variety. In other countries, unfortunately, lunch ladies have earned reputations as distributors of foul, toxic concoctions.
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